Celebrating 44 years of independent book-selling!

Westminster Books has consistently maintained full personal service, a friendly knowledgeable staff, and a commitment to support local authors while providing the best selection of current titles. Thinking books?

Think Westminster Books! New Brunswick’s Favourite Bookseller!

Janet North

One of the owners of Westminster Books, Janet is also the store manager. She oversees the busy store with the help of several staff members. Janet herself maintains our balance, ensuring that we don’t go overboard in pursuing Atlantic books to the detriment of other Canadian titles and top sellers from around the world.

Kim Spires

Kim handles all the shipping and receiving as well as all the regional library orders. Always friendly and ready to help she gets her abundance of energy from her candy stash hidden in her space behind the mystery wall. This is where she spends most of her time, except for Sundays when you can find her on the floor helping the customers. Kim has been with Westminster Books for more than 20 years with a few breaks to have her amazing daughters Brittney and Morgan!

Norine McGinn

Norine McGinn is a full time employee and fellow book lover. She looks after all the special ordering for customers and loves helping them find the perfect book for themselves or a present for a loved one. Besides being great with the customers and knowing the kids books inside and out she handles the ordering of the newly published Children’s, 8-12 and Young Adult titles at the book fairs twice a year.

Todd Cornish

Todd is a voracious reader (particularly nonfiction). He is very knowledgeable about our stock. If we don’t have the book in stock he will find it for you as long as it is still in print.