Join our free Westminster Book Club!

The Book Club is our way to say thanks! Joining is free and easy and we think ours is the best and easiest book club around — have a look.


Credits: Every qualifying book earns 10% towards a subsequent purchase. After you buy 10 books, your accumulated points are applied to your next purchase. For instance, if you buy 10 books at an average of $12 each, you’ll get $12 off your next purchase(s). Simple.


Every month we’ll draw from the names of members who made a purchase in that month and those chosen will receive a Westminster Books Club Thank-You gift: autographed books, neat book bags, nifty T-shirts, or other super stuff. Simple.

Special Buys

Members will be eligible to purchase special items at terrific discounts: we scour for buys, you reap the benefits. Simple.


When we have a very special event we’ll send you a personal invitation: perhaps to a literacy luncheon, a book launching, an author reception, or a Member Appreciation sale.

Fine Print

As with any club, we have a few rules. Only books qualify. Each qualifying book you buy counts as a purchase. Every book we sell qualifies except for certain technical books we special order (we’ll let you know when you order). Your points may expire if not used within two years. That’s it.



Fill in an application form at the front desk and you’re a member – just hand the form in at the store, mail it, or fax it. Or you may even email us the information. As soon as we get it, you’re a member. Simple.

Instant Membership

Even if you’re making a purchase, give us at least your name, phone number and email address (if you have one). Now you’re a member, starting with that purchase. Fast and simple.

Keeping Track

When making a purchase (whether by cash, credit card, or gift certificate) tell us your phone number and your credits are tracked automatically. Our sales slip will show your status, like this: Previous Credits: 7; This Purchase: 2; Total Balance: 9. No cards to punch, no cards to lose. Nice and simple.

Cashing In

Your accumulated credit is automatically applied to your 11th (and if necessary to use it all up, to the 12th, etc.) book purchased. You can earn points with each of these books too. What could be simpler?

Corporate Membership

Any organization — a company, non-profit organization, volunteer association, or informal group — may register as a corporate member. All purchases (except those already receiving a special purchase discount) made in the name of the organization earn credits for the organization. Informal groups could be a reading club, an extended family, a fund-raising committee, a parent-teacher association, a recreational club, and so forth: you name the group, and we’ll track the points and awards. Corporate members are entitled to all the benefits of personal membership.